Republicans furiously reversing themselves in wake of Tancredo attacks

It’s been a flip-flop-athon of late on the campaign trail, and former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo’s been the root cause of most of the recent reversals.

First Colorado Republican Party legal counsel Ryan Call told the Denver Post his party was pursuing legal options to keep Tancredo off November’s gubernatorial ballot as a third-party candidate, then GOP party chairman Dick Wadhams told the Post that Call misspoke and that Tancredo “probably has the legal right” to run on the American Constitution Party ticket.

All of this followed Thursday’s ultimatum from Tancredo to Republican gubernatorial candidates Scott McInnis and Dan Maes to either get out of the race – basically because they’re damaged goods in the wake of McInnis’s plagiarism scandal and Maes’s campaign finance violations – or risk Tancredo jumping in.

Friday’s reversal by Wadhams takes us all the way back to earlier this month when Tancredo at a campaign barbecue for GOP U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck said that Barack Obama represents the greatest threat to the United States. Buck quickly distanced himself, calling the remark a “Tancredoism.”

Two days later, though, Buck said there was a lot of truth to what Tancredo said. Wadhams clearly doesn’t feel there’s much truth to what Tancredo says these days, especially the part about McInnis and Maes having no shot of beating Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in the race for the governor’s mansion.
That’s the same Hickenlooper that just a few short weeks ago McInnis was trying to paint as a flip-flopper on oil and gas drilling regulations. Something Hickenlooper quickly denied.

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