Anti-birther Buck beleaguered as Norton picks up Brewer nod

As GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck continues to step in it with comments about primary opponent Jane Norton wearing high heels and “dumbass” Tea Partyers keeping up the birther rhetoric, he may be happy to shift the debate to something more substantial like illegal immigration.

Over the weekend, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer endorsed Norton over Buck, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel, noting that the former lieutenant governor and Grand Junction native is “locked in an increasingly bitter fight for the Republican nomination with Weld County District Attorney Ken Buck.”

In endorsing Norton, Brewer, whose state is being sued by the Obama administration for its tough new immigration law that critics say amounts to state sanctioned racial profiling, called Norton “a true conservative, a fighter and a leader in the push to control our borders.”

Brewer went on to add that “Jane Norton will fight back and stand up to President Obama” if elected in the Aug. 10 primary.

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