Candidate Tancredo mocks GOP guv candidates, refers to McInnis as ‘poor Scott’

Constitutional Party candidate for governor and right-wing icon Tom Tancredo gave the Colorado Statesman a breezy interview Tuesday that posted today. Tancredo dishes with abandon on state politics and politicians. He mocks his GOP opposition as pathetic and unelectable. He likes Democratic candidate for governor John Hickenlooper but calls him a “same old” tax-and-spend liberal. He exhibits only moderate or even partial enthusiasm for the Christian conservative Constitutional Party platform he is representing. He figures he’ll raise $2 million to $3 million between now and the election in November.

“Hey, in this year I’m telling you anything is possible. Anything… And I have a hell of a lot of better chance of winning in a three-way race than a Republican — at least those two Republicans do in a two-way race. I don’t know anybody — do you know anybody, really, who knows anything about politics who actually thinks that either one of those two guys could win a general election? I just can’t imagine. I know I’ve said anything is possible, but that, I don’t think that’s one of those things.”

On the GOP candidates Dan Maes and Scott McInnis:

TT: I mean when you consider the amount of money that Dan Maes would have to raise from no sources — who’s going to give him money? When you consider the problems poor Scott has had, is having, that will be constantly made the front-page news for the entire campaign, if not by The (Denver) Post then by his opponent, Mr. Hickenlooper, I just don’t know how you could put this thing together. So I was hoping against hope, to tell you the truth, that somebody would take the offer [to step down] and that the Republican Party could start the process right now, really, looking for somebody to replace them the day after the primary.

On the GOP Platform for Prosperity:

CS: The Platform for Prosperity was part of the reason that you wound up supporting Scott McInnis after Josh Penry dropped out of the race?

TT: Josh and I both wrote it and took it to (McInnis) and yes, that is the reason why we both ended up supporting him.

CS: Will that be your platform for your run?

TT: You bet. Well, certainly a big part of it, you bet.

CS: So we might have the odd circumstance of two candidates running on the same platform?

TT: Right, it’s possible (laughs), with one being able to win and one not (laughs).

On the American Constitution Party platform:

CS: There are some things in the American Constitution Party platform that have drawn some attention lately. Are you entirely on board with the ACP?

TT: We all know that party platforms are pretty much wish lists. And in the perfect world sometimes these things — well, I shouldn’t say that. Yeah, I have no qualms about running as a Constitution Party nominee and their platform is, for the most part, I think, certainly acceptable to me.

Former Colorado Independent reporter Ernest Luning conducted the interview for the Statesman and, unsurprisingly, it’s excellent well-informed work.

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