Romanoff campaign: Andrew has no plans to move to DC except as a U.S. Senator

Andrew Romanoff has no plans to move to Washington DC unless he wins the race for U.S. Senate, according to campaign spokesman Roy Teicher.

“This is untrue… ill-informed speculation, it would appear. Clearly, [Romanoff] will move to DC if he wins. If he does not, he has no such plans,” Teicher wrote in an email to Colorado Independent.

News that the Democratic candidate sold his house for campaign cash at an under-market price to Denver’s “King of Flips” made national headlines this week. The story spoke to Romanoff’s commitment to the race and to the over-the-top price tag attached to election campaigns in general.

But Flip King Greg Geller let it slip in an interview this week that he heard Romanoff plans to relocate to DC in the fall win or lose, and in that light, the house sale story loses a lot of its power: it becomes less a dramatic window into his campaign and electoral politics and more just part of the life plan of a career politician. It would also of course be a much less compelling news story with which to attract eyeballs and drum up votes– which is why the blogosphere was a buzz with the rumor.

Teicher said there’s nothing to it, that Geller never met Romanoff.

That’s true, Geller told the Colorado Independent. He said he has never met Romanoff. He explained that it was only during the minimal communications working out the lightning-fast house sale with Romanoff proxies that he heard the former House Speaker would be moving to DC one way or another. Geller didn’t want to name names.

“Yeah, I’m not going to do that,” he said.

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