‘Are you kidding me?’ Boyles issues his Tancredo-hater list

In his most recent Cherry Creek Chronicle column supporting Tom Tancredo, Peter Boyles not only takes a pitchfork to Dan Maes, who has called himself Boyles’ “Frankenstein [monster],” but also chastises most Colorado politicos, media personalities, activist groups, and even the citizens of Mecca for their fear of being bombed.

Boyles writes that if the people who run the Republican Party lost three more IQ points “we would have to water them,” and then turns his ire on Republicans Scott McInnis and Maes, who Boyles says stand little chance in the November election for governor against Democrat John Hickenlooper. McInnis and Maes are in a heated two-way race for the GOP nod in the Aug. 10 primary. Tancredo is running on the American Constitution Party ticket.

“First there’s Scott McInnis, whose act of charity is to give away a dead elk, followed by Dan Maes, who said he’d take the elk. Both of these guys are as good as tapped out,” Boyles wrote.

After railing on Republicans, Boyles sets his sights on a list of usual and unusual suspects that he berates for their opposition to Tancredo’s positions in the past.

According to Boyles, his list consists of those who “hate” former congressman Tancredo. He dismisses those on the list roundly, saying you wouldn’t want to have dinner with any of them anyway. The list includes Media Matters, the Denver Post, (Post columnist) Mike Littwin, the Colorado Republican Party, Progress Now, the Daily Kos, Hickenlooper, Gov. Bill Ritter, Bob Beauprez, the ACLU, Karl Rove and “a bunch of people in Mecca after Tom said he’d like to bomb them if they struck America again.”

“How can you hate a guy that people on this list hate?” Boyles reflects. “Are you kidding me?”

Editor’s note: Due to an editing error the original version of this post incorrectly stated Tancredo was seeking the GOP nod in the governor’s race.

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