Romanoff will not accept PAC-tainted dollars from DSCC

Sen. Michael Bennet’s campaign Tuesday jumped on a Politico story that had Romanoff campaign manager Bill Romjue saying they had yet to make a decision on whether to take Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee funds that are tainted with political action committee (PAC) dollars. The campaign reportedly later said they would accept those funds.

Romanoff Deputy Campaign Manager Berrick Abramson Tuesday told the Colorado Independent that apparently a communication error had occurred between the Romanoff campaign and Politico on Romanoff’s commitment to not take PAC dollars even if those dollars come from the DSCC.

Abramson said currently they are not in jeopardy of receiving those funds as the committee is supporting Bennet, but he said if they choose to, if Romanoff wins, he will only take those dollars if they are able to apportion out the sums given through PAC donations.

Politico reported Tuesday that Romanoff would accept funding from the DSCC in the general election, even though the organization takes money from PACs.

Bennet’s campaign issued an immediate press release and notice to supporters.

“You cannot find better evidence that Andrew is a dishonest, career politician than his admission that he would undermine his entire campaign platform, and presumably his beliefs in order to win. Some Coloradans have cast their ballots based on this commitment that Andrew has now gone back on,” Bennet spokesman Trevor Kincaid said in the release.

By the end of the day Tuesday Romanoff had issued his own release clarifying his position to the DSCC, papers and voters

“I am not taking PAC money now, and I will not take any PAC money in the general election. The DSCC is now supporting my opponent, supplementing the $1.3 million he has taken from PACs with independent expenditures of its own. After I win the primary, I will ask the DSCC to honor my pledge by excluding PAC dollars from any contributions or expenditures it makes on my behalf.”

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