Stragglers, others can vote at the polls in Colorado mail-in primary Tuesday

In Colorado, Primary Day is tomorrow. There will be little real exit polling. There will be no real lines at the polls, no real polling place socializing and no New Black Panther polling place intimidation! Why? Because it’s going to be like Oregon: a mostly mail-in election.

Of the state’s 64 counties, 45 are hosting an all mail-in election; 12 are setting up district polling places, meaning you have to vote at your specificifically designated polling place; and 7 are setting up voting centers, which means you can go to any polling place/voting center to cast your ballot. Even in the mail-in counties, however, you can go Tuesday and cast a ballot, because they’ve made provisions for stragglers.

This is what voting looked like today at the Boulder County clerk’s office, where one of the election judges said they have collected ballots from Democrats, Libertarians and Republicans. According to the county website, there are 64 American Constitution Party voters registered in Boulder County, about the same number before and after right-wing celebrity politician Tom Tancredo announced he would run for governor as an ACP candidate.

Here’s the map of districts put out by the secretary of state. Click on the image to see it at a larger scale.

What county are you living in voter? Did you lose your ballot? Are you registered? Where do you go to vote? The secretary of state’s office has all the details and the staff is good about answering the phone.

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