Buck team confident their candidate won early voting

In Loveland tonight at U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck’s Embassy Suites primary day party, the all-American music has been blaring for a half hour– Springsteen and Mellencamp and Journey and Boston. People are drinking Coors. Buck just walked in and is speaking to supporters and the press. “Thanks for coming.” He starts talking to the TV news reporters and the crowd is chanting in the background. “Go Ken go!”

Press secretary Owen Loftus told the Colorado independent that the campaign was confident even though the race appears to have tightened over the last few days.

Owen Loftus

“We don’t think we’ll win by the margins [reported] that Denver Post poll,” he said, referring to a recent poll that had Buck winning by solid double digits. An August 1 Post poll had Buck up by 9 points.

“But early voters cast their ballots weeks ago so we’re confident.”

Loftus said in counties like Weld, home to the Loveland Embassy Suites and top Ken Buck’s district attorney office, there are “real elections happening,” not just primaries. He said these are “late votes” the Buck campaign is also hoping to win.

AP is listing the race just now as 58 percent for Jane Norton and 42 percent for Ken Buck with 10 percent overall reporting.

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