Romanoff concedes to Bennet, says he’ll help incumbent win in November

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet campaign spokesman Trevor Kincaid told the Colorado Independent that Democratic primary challenger Andrew Romanoff just called Bennet and conceded the race and said he would do anything he could to help Bennet win in November’s general election.

With just incomplete results in, both 9News and the Denver Post called the nasty primary race in favor of Bennet, with the incumbent taking 54 percent of the vote to Romanoff’s 46.

“I think the negative attacks backfired,” Kincaid said.”This race didn’t come down to issues, it came down to background.”

He added that Romanoff, the former Colorado Speaker of the House, is a career politician, while Bennet, a businessman and former superintendent of the Denver Public School system, showed he had the needed world experience to lead in the Senate.

The New York Times reported the race was a “test of voter feelings toward the Washington establishment and Mr. Obama’s political clout,” noting Bennet had the energetic backing of President Barack Obama.

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