Stapleton tops Ament in GOP treasurer primary; Kennedy pounces

Republicans went with Walker Stapleton 51 percent to 49 for J.J. Ament in the GOP primary for Colorado’s state treasurer, and incumbent Democrat Cary Kennedy, unchallenged in the primary, wasted no time going on the offensive.

“Throughout this economic downturn, Colorado’s investments have fared better than other states,” Kennedy campaign manager Serena Woods said in a release. “Cary has kept Colorado on sound financial footing and our state’s credit remains strong. She kept Colorado out of risky investments and worked to make the state’s finances more transparent than ever before.”

“Walker Stapleton’s primary victory gives voters such a clear choice in the treasurer’s race – between a risky, unproven candidate, Walker Stapleton, and a proven state treasurer with an excellent record of managing the taxpayers’ money wisely, current treasurer Cary Kennedy.

Former lieutenant governor and state treasurer Gail Schoettler also weighed in:

“At a time when Colorado faces the worst economy in generations, the self-funding Republican candidate for treasurer’s lack of experience is not the right choice for Colorado taxpayers.”

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