Hasan tweets support for Ground Zero gay bar: ‘Rename Park Place Sean Hannity Aneurysm Ave’

Colorado conservative family scion Ali Hasan left for California this summer after he lost his GOP state assembly bid for state treasurer. Hasan is watching the sunset over the beach in Orange County and writing a screenplay but he is a political animal. He tweets that Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer supports tax increases as well as what he calls the state’s “racist” SB 1070 immigration law. This week he has also tweeted in support of the pro-gay marriage anti-Prop 8 ruling in San Francisco and in favor of both the proposal to build a mosque near 9/11 Ground Zero in Manhattan and the mock proposal to build a gay bar next door to the mosque. “Civil liberties for all!” he tweets. “Name the street ‘Sean Hannity Aneurysm Avenue'”

Hasan is talking about Park Place, the famous three-block-long lower Manhattan stretch that will now give the proposed Cordoba community center and mosque its name: 51 Park Place. That address is blocks from Ground Zero and, as some have pointed out, two blocks in Manhattan is the equivalent of whole miles anywhere else in the country.

Other active Colorado Republican tweeters, like state Senator Greg Brophy, are just plain offended by the mosque proposal and tweet that the designation “hallowed ground” is all the legal protection required to guard against the offending proposal.

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