Ground Zero mosque ‘stabs the heart’; strip clubs, betting parlors not so much

A downtown Manhattan blogger with a camera strolled around the Ground Zero two-block periphery and snapped some photos of the “hallowed ground” many political leaders on the right say the proposed Cordoba community center and mosque will defile. It may not be a matter of the law, or Constitutional rights to free expression, GOP lawmakers like Colorado state Sen Greg Brophy say. Taking a stand against the mosque is taking a stand for decency.

The New York Dolls gentleman’s strip club an off-track betting parlor and fast food holes apparently pass the decency test, however, their existence within walking distance of the felled Twin Towers does not “stab the heart” of people “throughout the heartland,” and so support for them requires no refudiation!

Thanks to Gawker for drawing attention to Daryl Lang’s “History Eraser Button” blog. Thanks to Lang for the photo.

[ “Ground Zero” strip club via D. Lang ]

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