New Hampshire anti-GOP campaign ad features Ken Buck

Weld County D.A. and Colorado U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck won the GOP primary here last week with deep grassroots support and the backing of the fired up Colorado tea parties. He is running as new-style fiscal conservative and Washington outsider as well as an unwavering social conservative.

In a web ad targeting GOP U.S. Senate candidate Kelly Ayotte, the New Hampshire Democratic Party is waving Buck as a frightening signal flag to voters. Buck is grouped with lightning-rod right-wing figures Minn. Rep Michele Bachmann, Nev. Sen candidate Sharron Angle, Ken. Senate candidate Rand Paul and tea party favorite Sarah Palin.

“Click here… to see what the new faces of the GOP have brought to the table recently,” says the ad.

The new GOP, according to the ad, has no new ideas. It is is seeking to roll back gay rights and women’s rights and privatize social security and prop up the wealthy and expand the power of corporations.

The site lists what is becoming the opposition’s “greatest hits” among Buck policy statements.

On Social Security:

* Buck has called Social Security “horrible, bad policy” and questioned whether the federal government should be involved in administering it: “I don’t know whether it’s constitutional or not; it is certainly a horrible policy.”

On Education:

* Buck has been critical of the Department of Education, saying “we need to get the federal government out of education.”

* Buck suggested that the government should not be in the business of providing student loans: “Over time, we have to wean the American public off those.”

On Choice:

* Ken Buck has stated that, when it comes to choice, “I don’t believe in the exceptions of rape and incest.”

On Why You Should Vote For Him:

* “Because I do not wear high heels.”

Buck has expanded upon and attempted to clarify many of these statements but they will continue to get play– and increasingly not just in Colorado.

“The only thing Kelly Ayotte and her fellow insiders at the Washington GOP are bringing to the table are already-failed polices that will take the Granite State backwards,” Emily Browne, Press Secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, is quoted to say in a release announcing the website. “They want to take us back to a time where insurance companies ran health care, Wall Street ran our savings accounts, and Big Oil could wreak havoc on our communities to protect their own profits. Since Kelly Ayotte herself admitted she’d be nothing more than a rubberstamp for whatever GOP policies are coming out of Washington these days, it’s only fair for the Granite State to see exactly what those policies are.”

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