Caplis: Obama’s support of mosque encourages radical Islam

On KHOW’s Caplis and Silverman Show Tuesday (Audio), Dan Caplis told listeners that President Barack Obama’s decision to support the building of a mosque at ground zero was encouraging radical Islam to see America as weak and in turn to prey on that weakness.

Caplis made his assertion while discussing Obama’s recent statement that the Cordoba Initiative had the right to build its community center containing a mosque close to the site of the former World Trade Center in New York.

While the Manhattan Community Board 1 that oversees the area approved the structure, a poll conducted for USA today showed that 63 percent of Americans are against a mosque being built close to the site of the 9/11 attacks.

While speaking to a caller who argued that not building the mosque could be playing into the hands of 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden, Caplis said the reality is to the contrary. Caplis explained that the building of the structure would be akin to building a German memorial on Normandy Beach and said the president’s support of the project indicates his weakness, putting America “in grave peril.”

Caplis told his audience that radical Islam, by its own words, preys on weakness that the president was exhibiting. “[Radical Islam] preys on weakness. It acts on it to slaughter and kill, and it is pathetically weak for the president of this nation to come out and endorse building that mosque at ground zero.”

Transcript below:

CAPLIS: I’ll tell you what is going to do us more damage, and [Caller] thank you for taking the time to call. What is going to do us more damage is being a weak laughingstock. You know, all over the world this is just a basic matter of human nature. People respect strength and prey on weakness. And particularly when you are talking about radical Islam, which I separate out from the rest — the large majority of Muslims — but radical Islam by its own words preys on weakness. It seeks out weakness, it acts on it to slaughter and kill, and it is pathetically weak at this point for the president of this nation to come out and endorse building that mosque at ground zero when strong majorities of Americans and the victims’ families oppose it. And by the way, somebody called earlier and asked what are those words by Osama bin Laden. The book is “Messages to the World,” which brings together I think 24 different writings of Osama bin Laden. And he just lays it out there. As a caller pointed out earlier, he has told us exactly what he intends to do and why he intends to do it. It is right there. So the only question is are we going to have a president who will stand up and look that evil in the eye and defeat it, because the evil is not trying to hide. It is right out there. And we have been so blessed as a nation that at these critical crossroads in our history that we have had the right president to do that. Be they Democrats such as FDR, or Republicans like Abraham Lincoln. Democrats like John Kennedy. We have had leaders who will stand up, look evil in the eye, and do what is necessary to protect this nation. Right now we don’t have a president that is willing to do that and that puts us in grave peril. It encourages the enemy in lots of different ways.

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