Judd calls Guzman ‘a classy lady,’ urges support for Dems

After losing his bid for state Senate District 34, Rep. Joel Judd, D-Denver, issued a statement to his supporters Tuesday acknowledging his opponent, Sen. Lucia Guzman, D-Denver, as a competent representative for the people and encouraging further Democratic activism.

“Eight years ago I didn’t have a chance and I won big. This year I had a chance and lost by an even bigger margin,” Judd said, finishing his statement with a bit of self-deprecating humor. “One good thing about election night with Joel Judd — it’s over early.”

Voters picked Guzman over Judd by a margin of 61.6 percent to 31.3 percent in last week’s primary. Guzman is unchallenged in November’s general election.

Judd, who had petitioned onto the ballot, said he will miss serving the state he loves, but added Guzman will provide ample dedication to the district.

“I gave everything I had and have no regrets. Lucia Guzman is dedicated to North and West Denver and will serve Senate District 34 with distinction. As Sinatra would say, ‘She’s a classy lady.'”

Guzman was appointed earlier this year to replace term-limited Sen. Paula Sandoval, D-Denver. Sandoval quit the Senate early after winning the race to become the Denver City Council member for District 1.

Judd said he plans on staying active in the party and urged his supporters to continue to help fund Democrats in this year’s election.

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