Tancredo still won’t leave race, calls out Maes on immigration

Gubernatorial candidate and former congressman Tom Tancredo said Monday he would continue to run against Republican Dan Maes and Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper whether Maes beats out Hickenlooper in polls or not. Explaining that neither candidate could govern the state, Tancredo said that while it is no sin to be poor, Maes’ false depiction of himself makes him a failed candidate.

Tancredo entered the race after Maes would not agree to Tancredo’s ultimatum that the Republican primary candidates step down after primary day if they failed to have higher polling numbers than Hickenlooper. Despite cries from the Republican Party for Tancredo to drop out, he said on the Peter Boyles radio show Monday that his candidacy was a long shot but he was staying in.

“I am going to run because I am the best alternative that it is out there right now,” Tancredo said. “Remember what I said. I do not believe that Dan or John Hickenlooper would be good governors … That is the political landscape. Those are the two people I am going to be running against, and frankly it is not acceptable in my mind … I will pursue this as far as I can.”

Tancredo attacked Maes for “evolving” on immigration over the course of the campaign. Tancredo said he was discouraged by Maes for first being supportive of “a pathway to citizenship” and later reversing that position. Tancredo added his concern was that Maes would not follow through with the hard-line stance Maes has since taken on immigration.

Maes currently does not support a path to citizenship, has called for stricter enforcement on employers and border control, and said he would push for Arizona-like legislation to be passed in Colorado.

“The guy is not who he says he is,” Tancredo said. “He can play on that ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.’ the difference is Mr. Smith was honest.”

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