Poundstone says Maes has ‘no cojones’ over mortgage payment

Republican candidate for Colorado Gov. Dan Maes demanded on KHOW’s Peter Boyles Show Monday that host Boyles stop “the nonsense with Freda Poundstone.” After Boyles introduced Poundstone, who said Maes was lying about the status of her donation to him, Maes hung up, explaining he would not be ganged up on.

Poundstone, long-time GOP supporter and former supporter of Maes, alleges Maes asked her and others for money to help him pay his mortgage. She says she gave him more than $300 for that purpose. Maes, however, first told the Denver Post he did not remember what the money was for and now is adamant that he was given the money as a campaign contribution. Poundstone says Maes is a liar.

“I just turned on the last couple of minutes, Peter, and you’ve got to stop the nonsense. And you’ve got to stop the nonsense with Freda Poundstone. Freda gave me a $300 cash contribution, that’s it. It did not go to my mortgage,” Maes told Boyles.

Maes told Boyles that he would not take a lie detector test, calling the proposition “insane” and the line of attack “a distraction.” He said that Boyles, American Constitution Party gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo and Poundstone are colluding against him.

Moments later, Boyles brought Poundstone on the air to confront Maes.

Poundstone, who said last week on the show — speaking with guest host George Brauchler — that her support for Maes began to wane after he said “he was sick and tired of these crazy gun nuts,” told Boyles that Maes was not telling the truth.

“I gave him more than three hundred. I gave it to him for a house payment. I did not give it to him for a political donation. He later told the press it was a political donation for his campaign, which was not true,” Poundstone said.

Tancredo told Brauchler last week that while there is nothing wrong with being “down on your luck,” purporting to be a sort of tycoon and therefore capable of running the state was an issue of character.

“There is nothing wrong with that. The problem is when you lie about that, when you pretend it was all a mistake and didn’t do what they should do,” Tancredo said.

Asked why Maes might have hung up on her, Poundstone questioned Maes’ manhood but said he was acting like the “cock-of-the-walk” in his campaign.

“This guy has no cojones along with not having any experience. He is not going to stand up against me, because he knows it is fact, and he knows that he called it something that he told me it was not….

“This guy is a guy who once he got in the campaign kind of considered himself the cock of the walk. And I think he thinks that he owes no answers to anybody.”

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