Boyles posts sexist video, says he’s looking for trouble

On KHOW’s Peter Boyles Show today, Boyles decided to jump on board the latest viral video by posting a clip that has been called sexist and offensive. The video compares doctored photos of Democratic women with shots of Republican women. Noting that those who play the video have gotten into trouble, presumably referring to its sexist nature, Boyles said he decided to get himself into trouble once again.

“I saw it for the first time last night and I cracked up,” Boyles said. “And it is offensive, there is no doubt about it. But then again this is the place to, I guess, offend almost everyone. We have managed in the last couple of years to offend practically everyone.”

The video posted by Randy Brown, webmaster for Minnesota Republican Senate District 56, has sparked a controversy across the nation both with Republicans and Democrats condemning it as sexist and inappropriate.

“It was poor judgment and a very juvenile attempt at, I don’t know, a laugh,” Andrea Kieffer, a Republican candidate for the state House, told the Star Tribune.

“It wasn’t intended to be fair,” Brown told The Minnesota Independent. “It was intended to be funny.”

The video features pictures of Janet Reno under a heading “Man of the Year” and another with Rosie O’Donnell’s head digitally placed on a captured Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s body, among others.

Boyles has in the past gotten himself in trouble for calling U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette ‘Vagina DeJett,” stirred controversy by supporting a billboard calling on Obama to release his birth certificate , and regularly makes top Arbitron numbers with his take onboth illegal immigration and Islam.

Boyles said after seeing the video for the first time, he and his producer decided it had to go up on their site. He said people would be writing about him posting the video.

Editor’s note: An original version of this post inaccurately attributed a quote. It should have been attributed to Andrea Kieffer. The Colorado Independent regrets the error.

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