New Hick ad paints picture of fiscal restraint in tough times

In these financially austere times in Colorado, Democratic Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper uses his second television ad to paint himself as the efficient and downright “cheap” candidate for governor of Colorado.

“As a mayor, I’m always looking for ways to save money,” Hickenlooper says in the ad. “We’ve turned the city around and saved millions with big stuff like fewer offices and city workers, but also small stuff like tap water instead of bottled; paper-free Fridays; sweaters in the winter; low AC in the summer…”

The video shows the mayor’s new city hybrid vehicle pulling out onto a Denver street: “Dent repair costs too much.”

He also stays keeps in line with current Gov. Bill Ritter’s eco-friendly agenda. Many of his cost-control measures – low-flow toilets, hybrids, double-sided copies — not only save money but also lower electricity and energy consumption.

“Colorado’s next governor will face tough budgets, and Hickenlooper is the only candidate with a proven record of doing more with less in both the public and private sector. Balancing Colorado’s budget will require significant, painful cuts, but every little bit helps,” Hickenlooper spokesman George Merritt said in a written statement about the ad.

During the mayor’s State of the City Address in July, Hickenlooper also highlighted cost-cutting measures he instated while redeveloping and expanding city programs, such as reducing the chronic homelessness rate in the city and saving $3.1 million through lower jail and detox admittance.

According to Wednesday’s Reuter’s poll, Hickenlooper comfortably leads Republican Dan Maes by a 41-33 percent margin, with 16 percent of the vote going to Tom Tancredo, running on the American Constitution Party line.

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