Arizona guv Brewer stumbles on air; Coloradans think ‘Maes’

Colorado GOP gubernatorial nominee Dan Maes is a regular guy candidate backed by the tea party, which has no appetite for career politicians and party insiders. But Maes is a pretty lousy businessman and doesn’t know much about water rights and has no campaign money and apparently pretended for some time that he was a secret agent. He’s also the target of a bungling and not-at-all-backroom-hatched plot by Colorado Republican Party honchos, who are looking to erase the entire last year of grassroots politics in the state and replace Maes on the ballot with one of their own.

But even Maes supporters must be having doubts now, given his campaign finance violations and his repeat fudging about his resume. That’s why this tape of Arizona’s GOP Governor Jan Brewer, an experienced politician by any measure when set against Maes, must also work to give them pause.

Today at his Facebook page, Maes rallied supporters with an inspirational status update:

I stand by everything I have said. When you get the media and the machine out of the way and the peoples voices are heard, we win. Do not be deceived by the word games and manipulation by the media. We are in the 4th quarter of the game and we must dig deeper than ever into our souls to find the strength to fight to the end. Do not waiver. This is all part of the journey.

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