Tancredo says he’s pulled in $200,000 since July

American Constitution Party candidate and former Republican congressman Tom Tancredo’s campaign said in a release today that it has raised more than $200,000 since he announced his candidacy in late July.

“I am thrilled and humbled to have the support of so many good people,” Tancredo said. “I can now say with certainty that I will have the money to win this race and that is exactly what I will do.”

Tancredo entered the race after Republican candidate Dan Maes refused Tancredo’s call to drop out after winning the August GOP primary over former congressman Scott McInnis.

While Tancredo, through conversations with state Republican Party Chairman Dick Wadhams, had offered to step out of the race if Maes would also drop his bid, Maes declined.

Maes again today reiterated his stance that he’s staying in despite mounting GOP pressure to get out in time for a replacement candidate to make November’s ballot.

Tancredo has previously said in an interview with the Colorado Statesman that it would take $500,000 to run a basic campaign.

Bay Buchanan, Tancredo’s campaign manager, added: “The money has been steady for weeks but this last week it has been phenomenal. We expect this incredible momentum to build as more and more Coloradans look for a candidate they can trust to say what he believes and believe what he says.”

Both Tancredo and Maes are significantly behind Democratic gubernatorial candidate Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper in the polls.

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