Markey ramping up reelection bid with tiered video campaign

Democratic Fourth District U.S. Rep. Betsy Markey is taking to the air and to the web during this last stretch of the campaign season. Markey is being challenged by Republican state Rep. Cory Gardner and the race is viewed as one of the top contests in the country. Telegenic Markey put out a slick advertisement last week called “Tough” and is hosting an apparently not entirely DIY video campaign at her YouTube channel called “Word on the Street,” which features Fourth District constituents making the case for Markey.

In “Tough” Markey underlines her small business background and her opposition to Wall Street bailouts.

Bailout is just another word for copout and in Colorado that’s just not how we do business.”

Word on the Street videos so far tout her support for the military and veterans and work on health care and foreclosures.

Gardner recently appeared briefly in the montage portion of a pilloried “Young Guns” video promoting a new GOP manifesto being pushed by House Minority Whip Eric Cantor. The video and manifesto partly tout Wisconsin GOP Rep. Paul Ryan’s “Ryan Roadmap” for the future, which the right is promoting as innovative and bold and analysts are describing as a radical form of voodoo economics featuring mostly tax breaks for the wealthy.

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