Stapleton has injected more than $200,000 into his own campaign

Walker Stapleton, a member of the Bush family and the Republican nominee for Colorado Treasurer, has now given his own campaign cash and in-kind donations amounting to $214,212, according to his most recent filing with the Colorado Secretary of State.

Stapleton provided his campaign an in-kind donation of $56,662 from a Republican promotion firm that specializes in “influencing voters.” Incumbent Treasurer Cary Kennedy, a Democra, has contributed $49 to her own campaign so far.

Stapleton’s filings show that his campaign brought in a total of $87,662 in both in-kind and monetary donations between July 29 and Sept. 1, with Walker’s own contribution of $56,662 to Response America making up the bulk.

Response America’s website says that it “provides clients with the most personal, creative and effective appeals that maximize response and influence voters. We specialize in fundraising and voter contact direct marketing for Republican candidates and right-of-center, nonprofit organizations.”

In contrast, Kennedy’s campaign reported Tuesday that it raised of $100,000 dollars over the last one-month reporting period.

The incumbent treasurer has been fairing well in garnering dollars against an opponent she points out is getting much of his money from his own bank account and a national network of donors. Kennedy has said her dollars are coming primarily from Colorado voters.

“Kennedy’s fund-raising numbers demonstrate that the people of Colorado appreciate her prudent management of public funds and trust Kennedy as treasurer, ” Kennedy campaign manager Serena Woods said. “Kennedy does not gamble with taxpayer money. Colorado’s investment portfolio has posted gains every year that she has been Treasurer. Coloradans are rallying around this fact.”

Kennedy’s campaign on Wednesday reported that it has received $102,701.85 over the last one-month reporting period, with $90,250.51 cash on hand to carry her into the November elections. Stapleton, a first cousin (once removed) of former President George W. Bush, is sitting on $22,712.61.

Kennedy has raised $659,238.96 in this election cycle, while Stapleton has so far raised $512,523.80, according to the Secratary of State’s website.

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