VIDEO: Bell Policy Center urges voters to reject ‘bad three’ anti-tax amendments

The Bell Policy Center brought out a video Friday explaining what the “Bad Three” tax-slashing proposed constitutional amendments would mean for Colorado and urging citizens to vote them down in November. The progressive organization argues that the initiatives– Amendments 60 and 61 and proposition 101– would effectively impoverish the state and force the elimination of essential services. That assessment is shared by most all of the major candidates for office and by lawmakers on all sides of the political spectrum.

In the governor’s race, Democrat John Hickenlooper opposes the amendments, Republian Dan Maes supports only Amendment 60 but American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo supports all three.

The amendments have been the subject of lawsuits and media scrutiny. They seem to have been the brainchild of anti-government Colorado Springs political figure Douglas Bruce, the father of the state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Bruce appears to have illegally supported petition circulators and may have tampered with witnesses at a hearing on the finances backing the proposals.

Colorado tea parties embraced the proposals this year and petition signatures gathered at tea party rallies helped speed the proposals onto the November ballot.

The movement to oppose the amendments has been spearheaded by Coloradans for Responsible Reform. Its Protect Colorado’s Communities group details additional arguments against the proposals at its website.

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