Hickenlooper still leads big as Tancredo surpasses Maes

Denver Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper leads the Colorado gubernatorial race by 21 points, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Tuesday. But more surprising, in second place is American Constitution Party candidate Tom Tancredo, with Republican candidate Dan Maes in third. Hickenlooper has 46 percent of the vote, with former congressman and presidential candidate Tancredo at 25 percent and Maes at 21 percent.

Tancredo draws 36 percent of the Republican vote, while Maes has 46 percent. Hickenlooper garners 88 percent of the Democratic vote. Unaffiliated voters went for Hickenlooper, at 41 percent, while Tancredo got 32 percent and Maes with 17 percent.

The Colorado Independent talked to 28 of 63 GOP county party chairs last week, finding that most wished state Senate Minority Leader Josh Penry had stayed in the race for the Republican nomination. He dropped out for “family reasons,” but many suspect state GOP chair Dick Wadhams wanted to clear the field to allow former congressman Scott McInnis to win the nomination. He lost the nomination narrowly to political neophyte Maes after it was reported that McInnis plagiarized a series of articles the Hasan Family Foundation paid him $300,000 to write.

“Colorado voters aren’t satisfied with a choice between a liberal Denver mayor and an Evergreen con man. They want another choice,” Tancredo campaign manager Bay Buchanan said in a release. “And they are choosing Tom Tancredo.”

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