No on 62 to rally against ‘Personhood’ in Colorado Springs

Organizers say “a broad-based coalition of nurses, doctors, faith and religious leaders, attorneys, community groups and health advocacy organizations” will rally in Colorado Springs Thursday at noon to oppose Amendment 62.

The so-called “Personhood Amendment” seeks to extend legal protections to fertilized eggs and would ban all abortion, including in cases of rape and incest, and may also ban some commonly-used forms of birth control. Even backers of the amendment admit the implications for personal choice will be radical.

According to a release from the No on 62coalition, “Amendment 62 is a dangerous and deceptive measure that, if passed, would change the state constitution and insert politicians, lawyers and the courts into the personal, private health care decisions that women, their families and their doctors make every day.”

Fifty-six organizations have joined the NO on 62 Coalition, including the Colorado Bar Association, the Colorado Women’s Bar Association, the Colorado Medical Society and the Interfaith Alliance of Colorado.

Personhood proponents this week filed a lawsuit challenging the state’s “Blue Book” language that offers pros and cons for the proposed amendment to Colorado voters. Backers say the language was biased against the amendment.

The NO on 62 Colorado Springs Rally is from noon to 1 p.m. Thursday at the gazebo at the Pioneers Museum in downtown Colorado Springs.

Speakers will include Colorado Springs businessman and activist Richard Skorman; Rosemary Harris Lytle, 9-5 National Association of Working Women; Rev. Benjamin Broadbent, First Congregational Church; and Shelby Knox, National Youth Advocate.

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