ProgressNow carving out niche in Colorado politics mockery

Kjersten Forseth, interim executive director for liberal activist group ProgressNow, told the Colorado Independent that in the last 24 hours the group has pulled down $3,000 from T-shirt sales mocking GOP gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes. “It’s a banner year. We sold more than 120 shirts. We wanted to do berets but they’re expensive, like $30 each. ” She said the group didn’t think of selling tinfoil berets. The T-shirts send up Tea Party candidate Maes’s concern that a Denver bike-sharing program is part of United Nations conspiracy to impose world governance that will thin American sovereignty and erode liberty and freedom.

“I think we’ve found a niche. It’s a group thing. We have a really creative team and we do it all together and we have a great time doing the campaigns so that’s a bonus,” said Forseth.

Earlier this year, ProgressNow sold pins and ballpoints poking fun at GOP primary candidate for governor and six-term Congressman Scott McInnis, whose campaign imploded in the wake of reports he plagiarized a series of half-baked articles on water for which he was paid $300,000 by the wealthy conservative Hasan Foundation.

“Those McInnis pins flew off the shelves,” says Forseth. “The fact that politics is so serious is also what makes it funny.”

Forseth says ProgressNow would launch one of its campaigns against a Democratic politician if they catch one “plagiarizing or generally making really really stupid statements.”

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