State senate candidate Ball targets consevative Lundberg with classy ask

Attorney, banker, small businessman Rich Ball is running against way-conservative state Senator Kevin Lundberg in Larimer County-based District 15. Ball has brought out one of the classiest requests for support (read: cash) of the election season so far.


It is imperative that I run a positive campaign. I know that I can win on my values, determination, dedication to Northern Colorado and all my supporters’ help. As residents of Larimer County, we need someone who will represent us all and make sure that our “vote” does not go frivolously to certain ideals. I know my opponent to be a good person who is true to his OWN convictions, but those very convictions do not adequately represent Northern Colorado to it’s fullest. I, however, am the candidate who will represent us all.
And so, we are down to the final few days before the mail-in ballots go out. That means that we must pound the pavement as hard as possible to get out and talk to as many people as we can! Come rain or shine, we are going to hit the streets all weekend. Please join me for an hour, two or more on Saturday and/or Sunday.
Day:                                            Time:                               Meeting Place:
Saturday, October 9                    10:00 am – 4:00 pm        Larimer County Democrats Office
Sunday, October 10                    2:00 pm – 5:00 pm          Larimer County Democrats Office
If you will be available, please let Jeff White ( know of your availability.

Ball elaborates at his website blog, where he writes that incumbent hardline Republican Lundberg is an ineffective advocate for the district because his extreme views win few supporters at the capitol and so he enjoys no leverage to pass or even help shape legislation. As an example of the way Lundberg’s right-politics sympathies isolate him, Ball reports that Lundberg was “the only legislator who voted against censuring Douglas Bruce (who would not support a resolution honoring veterans) for unbecoming behavior, such as kicking a photographer.”

Anti-government firebrand Doug Bruce, no longer a lawmaker, is the man behind this year’s “Bad Three” tax-slashing ballot initiatives, which have been decried by lawmakers and politicians and budget analysts across the political spectrum.

Bruce tried to keep his role in the initiatives hidden and balked at repeated attempts to subpoena him to testify on the finances behind the initiative petition campaigns. Even Bruce seems to acknowledge that he is woefully unpopular– much less popular than unpopular Lundberg, a Bruce sympathizer, which goes a long way to making Ball’s point.

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