‘Carrotmob’ descends on Denver, Boulder for Global Works Party

The level of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere deemed acceptable by many scientists – including NASA’s James Hansen – is 350 parts per million. The current level is 392 ppm, and it continues to rise.

While action to fight climate change and reduce global levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not moving forward in Washington or through global treaties, increasingly, concerned citizens are banding together through the digital world to create change on a smaller scale.

On Sunday, thousands of Coloradans will join together with like-minded people around the planet in the Global Works Party.

More than 7,000 events are expected to take place in 180 countries for the 10/10/10 Global Work Party, with 1,000 taking place in the United States and 55 planned for Colorado. The day is being organized by 350.org in partnership with hundreds of organizations around the world.

350.org is named after the goal of reducing carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere to the acceptable level of 350 ppm.

In Denver and Boulder, the all-day events include workshops, bike rides, parades, fundraisers and “Carrotmob” after parties.

What is a carrot mob? On the 350.org website it’s described as “a joycott, as in the opposite of a boycott.”

In the Carrotmob, businesses compete with one another to see how sustainable and environmentally friendly they can be, and then a group of consumers elects a winner.

Watch this animation for further explanation:

In Boulder, activists will Carrotmob at the St. Julien hotel, and in Denver they will meet at the Mercury Café.

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