The all-wrong Americans United for Life Salazar attack ad (listen)

Courtesy of blogsite Colorado Pols, below is the mistake-ridden pro-life attack ad meant to hit Democratic Third District Congressman John Salazar, who is being challenged this year by Republican Scott Tipton. The ad gets everything wrong, including Salazar’s name.

John Salazar is a conservative bluedog Democrat who voted for the health-care-reform-bill Stupak Amendment, which prohibited taxpayer-funded abortions. That fact didn’t stop Washington DC-based Americans United for Life from putting together a buzzword-filled broadside saying that he doesn’t care about the “life of an innocent child.”

In the year of the Tea Party, the ad manages to blow a long list of conservative dog whistles. Here’s a short list of the “us-versus-them America” buzzwords:

“Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” “first principals” “founding fathers” “values” “our values” “largest expansion of tax-payer funded abortion ever” “Nancy Pelosi”

The Ken Salazar the ad repeatedly refers to is John’s brother, the former U.S. senator who was appointed secretary of the interior by Pres. Obama.

Americans United for Life told the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel that it was coming out with a corrected version of the ad. But what will be left of this ad in its “corrected” form?

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