Anti-Obama billboard tolerated despite ‘twisted dictatorship’

An anti-Obama billboard put up Monday in Grand Junction has been called everything from “racist” and “homophobic” (Mesa County Democratic Party Chairwoman Martelle Daniels) to “juvenile” (Mesa County Republican Party Chairman Chuck Pabst), according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Veteran Colorado political reporter Charles Ashby today reported that the billboard depicts “President Barack Obama as a terrorist, a gangster, a Mexican bandit and a gay man. The four ‘Obamas’ [are] sitting around a table with playing cards showing only sixes bunched in groups of three.

“Also on the table is a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a liberty bell, a toy soldier and a statue of Justice holding a balance.

“Beneath the Obama caricatures are numerous rats, some of which are labeled as the IRS, trial lawyers, the EPA and the Fed. Sitting above all that is a line, ‘Vote DemocRAT. Join the game,’ which is positioned between two vultures, one of which is labeled the U.N. and the other with the name Soros, a reference to George Soros, a major national Democratic financial supporter.”

Ashby reported that the right-leaning blogosphere and the National Review picked up on the billboard, which has an unknown funder. He did track down the artist, Paul Snover, of nearby Loma, who told him in an email, “I am not allowed to say who (paid for it) at this time. If it had been me, I would have included the Republicans as part of the problem.”

Ashby went on to report that Snover is a known Tea Party backer and proponent of the 9/12 movement who wrote on the Mesa County Second Amendment Task Force website:

“The Constitution has been thrown in the trash and burned by our very own government and we the people watched TV while America burned! The enemy is not at the gate, it is a cancer within our own borders. From what I have learned of history and what I see going on in all levels of government, I can but conclude that there is no constitutional republic any more, only a sick tyrannical twisted dictatorship.”

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