Anti-Obama billboard elicits hate mail, so artist may tour

The artist who created a billboard in Grand Junction depicting President Barack Obama in several highly unflattering and stereotypical ways is getting hate emails and phone calls, according to the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

But it’s also getting plenty of favorable national attention from opponents of the Obama agenda, and while Loma’s Paul Snover won’t say who commissioned the work, he did tell the paper he’s getting offers to pay to keep it up longer and maybe take it on tour.
The billboard shows Obama as a gay man, a terrorist, a Mexican bandit and a gangster – depictions Snover says are symbolic of the president’s agenda and should not be taken literally.

“It’s not that Obama is a terrorist or a gangster, it’s that mentality that seems to come across from him and his administration,” Snover told the paper. “The Mexican drug smuggler, it’s the border issue in Arizona and him not willing to take it on and handle the situation. And with the gay problem, it’s the social justice issues and trying to manipulate things with that.”

He shared one of the “hateful” emails he said he’s received since the paper first reported on the billboard earlier this week:

“Congratulations on showing the nation what a hateful, ignorant bigot you are with your billboard in Grand Junction. Coming on the heels of several suicides of teenagers who were bullied for either being gay or merely labeled gay by their peers who perceived them as different, you must be so very proud to keep propagating the hate and intolerance. I guess you can’t get much deeper than the bottom of a septic tank.”