Babelgum spoof political ad hits close to home in Colorado

Colorado this election season is drawing millions of dollars per day in outside spending, the most of any state in this first election of the post-Citizens-United era. The money is going to political advertising, much of which has stretched the truth and some of which has made the kind of blatant errors that mark it as the work of partisan hacks unfamiliar with the basics of Colorado politics. US Rep John Salazar was attacked by a pro-life group who ran an ad referring to him throughout as “Ken Salazar,” his brother and the Secrteary of the Interior. Worse perhaps, GOP Fourth District Congressional Candidate Cory Gardner ran an attack on Rep. Betsy Markey that referred to the voting record of Massachusetts Rep. Ed Markey.

Tea Party favorites like gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes and U.S. Senate candidate Ken Buck have voiced anti-United Nations bike-sharing conspiracy theories and anti-science views on homosexuality and climate change.

Against that backdrop, comedy site Babelgum‘s new 2010 midterm election campaign ad spoof may be funny to Coloradans, but most likely in a heartbreaking kind of way.

Babelgum is touting the ad with a reference to Delaware Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell.

“Christine O’Donnell has competition this election season. Meet another candidate who refuses to be swayed by information — a candidate who will let emotion and inexperience guide every decision – just like the voters he represents. “

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