Frazier’s charter school actively applied for stimulus funding

Congressman Ed Perlmutter today delivered to the press proof that a school represented by his Republican challenger Ryan Frazier not only received stimulus money, but actively applied for the money.

Frazier has condemned the stimulus as a waste of taxpayer money. His charter school has received about $100,000 and the City of Aurora, where he is a city councilman, has received about $20 million in stimulus funding, according to a city spokesperson.

To see a pdf of the application, click here (pdf):

Perlmutter spokesperson Leslie Oliver said there are two issues here, the first being Frazier accepting stimulus money, both for the school he co-founded and for the City of Aurora.

The second issue, she says, is that Frazier can’t keep track of a 10-page school budget, where is vice president of the board, but he wants to be elected to congress.

When the issue of High Point Academy accepting stimulus money first came up during a candidates’ debate, Frazier said that was the first he had heard of it, even though he seconded the motion to approve the school budget.

“He is not even doing the job he already has, serving on this school board. He didn’t even know stimulus money was in the school budget, yet he seconded the motion to approve that budget,” says Oliver.

“If he can’t do the relatively simple job he already has, how can he do the job of a congressman?” she asks.

“He has a pattern of not showing up to the board meetings of his own charter school, and not actually doing the work required to be a responsible board member,” she said. “If he’s this sloppy and unengaged in these jobs, why would he be any different in congress?”

Frazier also misses more Aurora City Council meetings than anyone else on the council. Frazier did not quickly return a call seeking comment.

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