Gessler likes his chances to unseat SOS Buescher

Republican candidate for Secretary of State Scott Gessler, still in a close race with Democratic incumbent Bernie Buescher, said Tuesday night that, given the counties that have reported, he expects to win.

“I think we are going to be OK. I am up 7 points in Arapaho, seven points in JeffCo, 3 points in Larimer, 1 point in Adams, and El Paso hasn’t reported anything yet. So most of Denver has reported and most of Boulder has reported — zero El Paso.”

9News had Gessler leading Buescher by a 48 to 46 percent margin at 10:15 p.m.

Gessler said that he plans to enact the changes he promised on the campaign trail. He said those include pushing for photo identification, creating password protection on Colorado business databases to protect corporations from identity fraud, and the creation of business courts to streamline Colorado’s judicial system and aid in bringing business to Colorado.

Finally, Gessler said fixing what he sees as a mess of campaign finance laws will be a priority for his administration. However, despite his Republican affiliation, Gessler said he would work in a bipartisan fashion.

“I think a lot of the campaign finance laws are ambiguous and a mess. I think that we need more clarity on that. That will apply to both parties … all ideological sides. I don’t like the ambush litigation that often goes on there,” Gessler told the Colorado Independent.

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