Radio host Silverman votes for right-wingers despite fear factor

Craig Silverman — once considered to be the Democratic balance to co-host Dan Caplis’ primarily right-wing Republican positions on KHOW’s Caplis and Silverman radio show — wrote Monday that he will vote for Republicans Ken Buck for U.S. Senate, Mike Fallon for Congress and Colorado Constitution Party Tom Tancredo for governor. He said they all scare him but are “real.”

Silverman’s choices came more as a vote against Democrats than as praise for what he acknowledges are “by and large conservative, right-wing” candidates whom he said are neither representative of his own views or those of Coloradans in general.

“Tom Tancredo and Ken Buck both scare me a bit. They are by and large right-wing conservatives and I am not. Neither is Colorado,” Silverman wrote in his decision posted on the shows web page. “I sense these men think hard about the issues and make the best decisions they can. I worry that the current Democratic positions are more scripted from the top, and from special interests.”

In his comments, long-time moderate Silverman charged Sen. Michael Bennet and the Congress with hurting the United States; Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Denver, with failing to support Israel and Democrats in general with being unable to face the threat posed by radical Islam.
He also said that Bennet’s use of a Buck decision not to file charges in a 2005 rape case, first reported as a campaign issue by the Colorado Independent, was part of dishonest and nasty campaign.

“Michael Bennet has run a dishonest and nasty negative campaign, criticizing a non-charging decision in a sex case where no reasonable prosecutor would have proceeded,” Silverman wrote.

In justifying his decisions, Silverman lauded Tancredo for cutting costs through job cuts when given “a significant Education Department” job by Ronald Reagan, and he pointed to Buck’s experience as a prosecutor and Colorado native as reasons for his votes.
“Both Ken Buck and Tom Tancredo are plain spoken and have authentic good humor. They are accessible to the media and therefore, the public.” Democrats have largely avoided appearances on the Caplis and Silverman show.

Silverman, who is now an unaffiliated voter, said he plans to continue to root for Colorado from the vantage point of an unaffiliated and independent voter. It is unclear if the shows Democratic listeners will continue to root for Silverman.

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