Sidelined this election, Udall feels the heat

DENVER — Colorado’s senior U.S. Senator, Democrat Mark Udall, told reporters here at the Denver Marriott tonight that, even though he hasn’t had to wage a re-election campaign himself, voter anger hasn’t been lost on him.

“People want us to work on the economy and to work together and solve problems.”

Udall said watching incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet battle back GOP Tea Party candidate Ken Buck has made him anxious.

“I’ve been on the ballot the last seven cycles. I’m used to working. It’s really unusual to be on the sideline. I’m like a parent or a sibling or a spouse. I want to get in there and swing for him.”

Udall was upbeat about the election. He said that the party has “young-people-geniuses with computers” stationed around the state sending preliminary and projected numbers.

“My making predictions isn’t very useful but, from what I’m hearing, [Bennet] is right where he needs to be.”

Udall has been a leader in calling for reform of the rules that have made the Senate a tragicomedy of obstructionism gamesmanship and gridlock this year.

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