State House control viewed in two different lights

Democratic state Rep. Mark Ferrandino, easily headed to victory in Denver-area House District 2, told the Colorado Independent Tuesday night that the results of the election won’t play a role in policy he introduces next legislative session.

“It’s too close to call at this point, but the way things are looking, if and when we keep our seats, we’re going to continue to make those hard decisions,” Ferrandino said.

“[Outgoing] Gov. [Bill] Ritter released the budget today, and it’s looking like we’ll have a Gov. [John] Hickenlooper to see it through. We’re going to keep moving forward.”

Democratic Denver Mayor Hickenlooper earlier in the evening was proclaimed the winner in a three-way race with third-party candidate Tom Tancredo and Republican Dan Maes.

“The Republicans poured money and sound clips into the election, but they had no real talking points, and we’re seeing the results of that tonight.”

State Rep. Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs, told the Colorado Independent earlier in the evening that he still saw a good chance for a Republican takeover of the State House. But he said that takeover would not be a Republican mandate.

“I think we have a real good chance to pick up a Republican majority in the State House,” Waller said. “I think we [also] have a shot in the Senate.”

However, he commented that despite those prospects, Republicans should not see this as a mandate from the people.

“This is not a mandate for Republicans by any stretch of the imagination. It is just that the other party has been in control and the electorate is not happy with them. I think that is because the party has not worked with the electorate.”

Waller said Republicans would now be tasked with working with the governor to bring jobs to the state.

Joseph Boven contributed to this report.

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