Stapleton tops Kennedy; Gessler beats Buescher; Suthers downs Garnett

9News late Tuesday night called the Colorado treasurer race for Republican challenger and political newcomer Walker Stapleton by 52 to 48 percent margin over incumbent Cary Kennedy, a rising star in the state Democratic party.

Other constitutional offices also went to Republicans, including the Secretary of State’s Office, where incumbent Democrat Bernie Buescher was defeated by Scott Gessler by 51 to 43 percent.

And incumbent Republic Attorney General John Suthers turned back Democrat Stan Garnett 58 to 42 percent.

“I think it is a good night tonight. We are taking back the U.S. House Representatives, taken back the state House, and I think the Senate. I think we have won two things. One I thing we have won is the battle of ideas,” Gessler said. “Voters across the country are rejecting big and they are rejecting intrusive government.”

Gessler said the second thing Republicans won was “an opportunity to get the state back on track. We see the disasters that liberal policies have created and we need to do better.”

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