Personhood initiative only slightly more popular with Denver voters than space-alien commission

Politics fanatics at lefty blogsite Colorado Pols running numbers in the wake of the election note that nearly as many Denver County residents voted for the “laughing stock” ballot initiative to create a commission to explore possible visits from extraterrestrials as voted for the anti-abortion “personhood” amendment. Roughly 28,000 voted for personhood. Roughly 20,000 voted in favor of the space-alien commission.

Turns out the space-alien initiative was much more popular with Denver voters than was Tea Party gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes, who drew a mere 7,000 votes in the county.

Personhood Amendment 62 would have granted full citizenship rights to fertilized human eggs, changing the state constitution in thousands of places, outlawing all abortion, some forms of birth control, including the pill. It would also have ended stem cell research in the state and shuttered the fertility industry. The initiative lost statewide by nearly 75 percent, despite being endorsed by nearly all of the top GOP candidates for office this year. A version of the same amendment lost by a similar landslide in 2008. Personhood proponents say they plan to introduce another version in 2012.

Denver initiated Ordinance 300 sought to establish and fund an “extraterrestrial affairs commission” to ensure our safety in any “potential interactions with extraterrestrial intelligent beings or their vehicles.”

Political novice Tea Party candidate Dan Maes managed to pull down 11 percent of the statewide vote. He believed in smaller government and that urban bike-sharing programs were part of a United Nations plot to create a one-world government that would destroy U.S. sovereignty and individual liberty and freedoms.

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