Lunchtime links: Wealthy Republican lawmakers want tax cuts; Americans want jobs

The Bush tax cuts, which will disproportionately benefit millionaire Washington DC lawmakers in relation to the rest of the nation’s population, are a low priority for Americans, even Republican Americans. Americans want jobs.

Here’s a chart on American adults’ political priorities, care of Jane Hamsher:

Health care stats: Fifty-nine million Americans went without health insurance coverage for at least part of 2010. Twenty-two percent of voting age Americans do not have health insurance. Only half of those live below the poverty level and 40 percent suffer from chronic illnesses.

Tancredo: Crazy? Yes. Likeable in person? Yes he is! A great communicator? Maybe.

Speaking of Tancredo, new polls show that Americans want immigration reform. (Voters to Congress: Forget the Bush tax cuts and reform the broken immigration system!)

Atheists are gearing up for the Christmas holiday season, a gift they give each year to Fox News.

Act now, for only $10,000 you can buy a table for ten at the Republican libertarian Independence Institute Founder’s Dinner, where old guys will drink too much and talk about freedom and Obamacare. Take photos! Please!

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