Rumor is Romer is out: One man announces for the vacancy–so far

As far as we know State Senator Chris Romer has not yet officially resigned his seat to run for Mayor of Denver, but one person has already announced he is running for the seat when it becomes vacant.

Owen Perkins, secretary of the Denver Democrats, has announced he will seek the seat.

“I’ve talked to Chris and he’s encouraged me to seek the seat if he steps down,” Perkins said. Perkins said Romer is encouraging anyone who is interested in the seat to “get to work.”

He noted that as far as he knows Romer has made no announcements about resigning or about endorsing Perkins or anyone else. Romer did not return a phone call.

If someone resigns from the Senate when the Senate is not in session, the party has 30 days to fill the seat. So, right off, it’s a given that SD 32 will remain in Democratic hands.

People who wish to run for the seat must submit a letter of intent to the Democratic Party chair person in the district, Edgar Neel. They must have lived in the district for a year and be a registered Democrat.

Owen Perkins

A vacancy committee will be comprised of every precinct committee person in the district plus a few other Democratic Party officers. Altogether about 150 people will vote, said a party insider.

There are already numerous rumors of who might or might not run for the seat. Current State Rep. Beth McCann told us she is also pursuing the seat.

Perkins described himself as a journalist, who writes primarily about the Colorado Rockies for He’s also been a teacher, from grade school through college.

“I’m a longtime activist and I’ve become really immersed in the party in my two years as secretary. I have a real passion for public service,” he said.

From Perkins’ web site

As you may know, our State Senator in Senate District 32, Chris Romer, is expected to run for the office of mayor in Denver. I’ve talked to Senator Romer about his plans, and he has encouraged me to contact you about the status of his senate seat and my interest in it, should it become vacant. I’ve told him that if his seat becomes vacant as a result of his running for mayor, I will be seeking the support of the Senate District 32 Vacancy Committee as a candidate for appointment to the seat. As Democratic Party of Denver Central Committee Members who reside in Senate District 32, you would make up that Vacancy Committee.

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