Guv Ritter pardons 20 lucky convicts

Outgoing Colorado governor Bill Ritter, the longtime hard-boiled Denver District Attorney, wrote pardons for twenty Coloradans, a list that includes forgers, burglars, drug dealers, cop-beaters, trespassers and domestic assaulters. “The individuals being pardoned today have demonstrated great remorse, an effort at redeeming themselves from prior criminal acts, and in some cases, significant involvement in their community,” Ritter wrote in a release. If you’re a con who received a letter that looks like the one attached below, then happy holidays to you, and a clean and sober new year.

From the release:

“As a former criminal prosecutor and as governor for the past four years, one of my highest priorities has always been to protect people and maintain public safety,” Gov. Ritter said. “I take very seriously the role of the governor in the legal and criminal justice systems, and that’s why I have carefully reviewed each of these cases and their unique set of circumstances…

“These cases include circumstances where a guilty plea or conviction has impacted their career, and today’s pardon will allow them to move forward as a productive member of the workforce, of their community and of society.”

The lucky 2010 list of Colorado pardoned people:

Ian Starr Aneloski, who pleaded guilty in 1995 to burglary of a dwelling and theft over $15,000.

Carrie Bachofer, who was convicted in 1995 of manufacture or sale of a controlled substance and misdemeanor carrying a concealed weapon.

Jerry Scott Baker, who pleaded guilty in 1990 to disorderly conduct and misdemeanor domestic violence.

John F. Bellamy, who pleaded guilty to assault in 1994 in connection with a domestic-violence case.

Kirk Andrew Crawford, who pleaded guilty in 1984 to possession and sale of a controlled substance.

Jerry Arlen Darnell, who pleaded guilty in 1998 to misdemeanor child abuse.

Raymond Scott Dobson, who pleaded guilty in 1974 to possession of marijuana.

David M. Hashman, who was convicted in 1995 of municipal domestic violence.

Leon Kelly, who pleaded guilty in 1979 to one count of aggravated robbery.

Victoria L. Kent, who pleaded guilty in 1991 to use of a controlled substance.

Douglas Steven Mosier, who pleaded guilty in 1992 to criminal trespass.

Robert W. Pasaol, who pleaded guilty in 1993 to misdemeanor assault.

Jaqueline Ruiz Hernandez, who pleaded guilty in 1998 to theft.

Kevin Louis Simpson, who pleaded guilty in 1999 to three misdemeanors, including assault on a peace officer.

Scott Allen Stadel, who pleaded guilty in 1998 to fraud by check.

Sean Christopher Stearns, who pleaded guilty in 1995 to burglary.

Frederick R. Ursetta, who pleaded no contest in 1986 to criminal attempt to commit theft by receiving.

Terry Lynne Vassios, who pleaded guilty in 1990 to theft.

Michael E. Watts, who pleaded guilty in 1971 to possession of marijuana.

Catherine Zimmer, who pleaded guilty in 1999 to forgery.

Correction 12/25/15: This headline of this story originally stated that these pardoned people were felons. They were not all felons. John Bellamy was charged with a misdemeanor. 

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