Michigan governor to work for nothing in bid to help balance budget

As part of the cuts-heavy budget presented Thursday Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder has offered to work for just one dollar a year.

The Grand Rapids Press reports:

Unveiling his budget to the Legislature this morning, he said his salary would be $1 a year. That means, he’s giving the state the remainder of his $159,300 salary for 2011.

The former Gateway Computer executive and venture capitalist can afford it, but making the gesture today as he asks lawmakers to support $1.5 billion in budget cuts is meant to show that he’s willing to share the sacrifice.

Though Snyder will live off his own money while in office, in order to avoid financial conflicts of interest he will not be managing that money.

Last month Snyder spokeswoman Geralyn Lasher said that the governor has put his assets and investments into a blind trust to be managed by someone else.

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