Hancock joins Romer in telling Denver to open budget meetings

Earlier this week, Denver mayoral candidate Chris Romer called on the City of Denver to open budget meetings to the public and press. Today, Denver City Councilman and fellow candidate Michael Hancock, also said the meetings need to be open to all.

He issued this statement:

For the past two years, I have called for a comprehensive analysis of city government finances, operations and structure. This review is now getting underway by Denver’s Structural Financial Task Force.

However, my vision always has been to engage all of Denver in this process. This review must be an open and transparent evaluation of our priorities, of what services we value the most and how we pay for them. We Must have all stakeholders at the table to ensure the Task Force explores every option in an open and honest environment that is based on facts and finances, not politics.

Realigning government will require tough, and at times, unpopular decisions. But I strongly believe that the only way we can fix the structural imbalance in the city’s budget and attain a sustainable fiscal future is by working together with citizens, businesses, organizations and other stakeholders.


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