WATCH: Coloradans show up in solidarity with Wisconsin workers

Union workers and sympathizers gathered on the West Steps of the capitol over the weekend to show support for the ongoing struggle between public union employees and Gov. Walker in Wisconsin.

Teachers, firefighters, and labor organizers addressed the crowd of thousands and vowed to stand by and support the workers in their struggle against Gov. Walker’s bill to strip public sector employees of their rights to collectively bargain.

“While you occupy the Capitol building in Wisconsin, you also occupy our hearts and minds,” said a teacher while speaking in front of the cheering crowd. “Your success is our success.”

There were demonstrators who said they drew inspiration from the protests rocking the Arab world.

“This is the first demonstration I’ve ever been to,” said decorating contractor Allen Freeman. “I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from other demonstrators around the world who have risked their lives to have their voices heard. If that doesn’t goad you into standing up, what will?”

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