Bill introduced to eliminate medical marijuana altogether in New Mexico

A bill put forward by a freshman state legislator would repeal New Mexico’s medical marijuana program. A spokesman for Gov. Susana Martinez said she would sign the bill if it came across her desk, according to the Associated Press.

The bill, put forward by Rep. Jim Smith, R-Sandia Park, would end New Mexico’s medicinal marijuana program by repealing the entire medical marijuana program law. The text of HB 593 is available on the state legislature’s website.

The medical marijuana program “sends a bad message to kids, that somehow marijuana is good for you,” Smith told the Associated Press.

The bill has not yet been heard by its first committee, the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committe.

From the AP article:

Smith’s measure is expected to be heard next week by the House Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, whose vice chairman is Rep. Antonio Maestas, D-Albuquerque, who sponsored the medical marijuana law in the House.

Maestas said the program has proved to be more valuable than expected, especially with soldiers returning from war using it to treat post traumatic stress disorder.

“Moving medical marijuana out of the criminal justice realm is difficult for many people to accept, but I believe the vast majority are in agreement it was a great decision and should not be rolled back,” Maestas said.

Smith said it’s hard to argue against people in pain who say medical marijuana makes them feel better, but he believes there are medical alternatives.

Montana is also moving to repeal medical marijuana laws, with the House having already passed a measure to do just that.

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