Hickenlooper makes water compact appointments

Gov. John Hickenlooper announced today appointments to the Interbasin Compact Committee (IBCC).

The governor’s office said the Interbasin Compact Committee is charged with the development of a negotiation framework and foundational principles to guide voluntary negotiations between basin roundtables, the facilitation of continuing discussions within and between basins on water management issues, and to encourage locally driven collaborative solutions to water supply challenges.

The members will serve effective March 3, 2011. The members appointed are:

· Richard Eric Kuhn, Glenwood Springs (D)

· Taylor E.C. Hawes, Lafayette (U)

· Wayne Vanderschuere, Colorado Springs (U)

· Melinda R. Kassen, Boulder (D)

· T. Wright Dickinson, Maybell (R)

· Peter D. Nichols, Carbondale (D)

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