Insight into Solar Rewards Program comes from email solicitation

An advertisement went out today that may provide a preview of the Solar Rewards Program rates offered by Xcel Energy.

It notes that Xcel, COSEIA and Solar Alliance agreed to $1.75 per watt upfront rebate for solar panels and a 4 cent renewable energy credit. Xcel Senior Media Representative Mark Stutz told the Colorado Independent that he could not verify the information as accurate, but expressed concern that individuals might be violating a confidentiality agreement.

“We’re under a confidentiality agreement on this process, until all parties have signed off on the particulars. For that reason, I have no comment one way or the other for you. We appreciate your diligence in gathering this information, but Xcel Energy, at least, is going to abide by the confidentiality agreement.”

The email solicitation reads:

I was just on a conference call to determine what the rebates will be in the Solar Rewards Program. It will be announced tomorrow, but here is what I know.  Xcel, COSEIA and Solar Alliance came to a compromise of $1.75/watt rebate with a $0.04/watt REC payment for a total of $1.79/watt rebate for small (under 10kW) systems.  The commercial (over 10kW) and third party (leases) rebates are not clear yet.

There are only 20 megawatts of installations at this rate.  This will
go very fast.   If you are interested in going solar, now is the time
to do it.  The rebates will go down from here.  They will never go
back up.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss purchasing or leasing a system.

The email came from a local solar contractor.

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