Medical Pot brownie bill amended to dash industry/patient fears

Medical marijuana community fears were curtailed today as a bill that could have eliminated edible marijuana products in Colorado was amended in committee to ensure the industry would survive under regulations the bill sponsor said protected children.

HB 1250, sponsored by Rep. Cindy Acree, R- Aurora, would prohibit the sale of food and beverage products that contain medical marijuana unless the product is packaged in child proof containers and is labeled “Medicinal Product – Not for use by children.”

Rep. Cindy Acree
Acree told journalists after the bill passed the House Judiciary Committee 7-3 that she had initially intended to eliminate the products from the shelves after growing concerned that children might view medical brownies and lollipops as treats found in their home pantry or snack drawer. However, after speaking with industry representatives and patients, she had a change of heart.

“Originally we were going to ban all consumable and infused edibles,” Acree said. “But I think after hearing testimony from people who really need this for legitimate medical purposes and with an industry that will to try and work with us to put the same protections on this that we have for every other kind of medicinal product [that changed].”

Lobbyists for Medical Marijuana Industry Group told the Colorado Independent when the bill was first introduced that they had met with Acree to amend the bill to its current form.

Acree said that while some individuals have criticized her bill as already being addressed by the Department of Revenue’s rule making process, she said that they only address the ingredients placed in the product and not safety.

“That is the issue I think is the most compelling and urgent that we just create a product as we go along that is safe. That we make sure that people know the difference between the typical product that you get and a medicinal product,” Acree said.

The bill now goes to the House Finance Committee.

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